September 2008

Mr. Allen has written an interesting book.  In Declassified he briefly discusses 50 of the most important/prominent espionage stories in history.  The only issue I have with the book is the discussion of each story often seemed too brief.  Most sections only contained three or four pages, giving only the briefest glimpse of the incident.  In spite of this, the book works well as an introduction to espionage.


 The title is somewhat misleading, while the book attaches some type of document to each of the 50 incidents, in many of the cases the document is only of minor importance.  Additionally several of the incidents involve documents that are not what the average person would consider “declassified”.   

I recieved this book as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC).


If you enjoy laughing at the pain and misery of others (and who doesn’t) this book is for you.  Mass Historia is a pretty funny look at the past.  There are a number of interesting facts hidden inside the humor so if you’re not careful you might learn something before you’re done.  Written by one of the writers of the Daily Show’s America (The Book) and contains the same type of humor. 


The book gives one or more historical events for every day of the year.  In addition to the historical event there is a humorous made-up event or a humorous comment about the actual event.  Some of the humor is laugh out loud funny, some is mildly amusing, and some I didn’t really find all that funny.  Occasionally a joke gets overplayed, like President Taft’s large stature.


I recieved this book as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC).

So I’m going to try writing a blog again.  I think this is my third try going back over about five years.  The others never went anywhere, I doubt I made more then two posts on either of them.  Maybe I’ll be different this time.  I originally intended this to just be a book review blog but I think I’ve changed my mind about that.  But I will be posting some book reviews.