Author: Dana Haynes

Pages: 352

Release Date: June 22, 2010 – Minotaur

ISBN: 978-0312599881

Crashers by Dana Hayes is two stories in one.  The first revolves around the NTSB investigation of a plane crash in rural Oregon.  The investigation initially points at pilot error as the cause of the crash, but is it really? The second involves an Irish Protestant terrorist group in California, with a female former Mossad agent thrown in.  Naturally, both of these stories eventually intersect.

Written with as much action as an episode of “24” the book was fast-paced and hard to put down.  I found the descriptions of the NTSB investigation fascinating although I do not know how much of a resemblance they bare to reality.  While I thoroughly enjoyed Crashers it was not perfect.  Haynes used one of the recurring plot devices from “24” that has become tiresome on the show and which I could have done without here.  A couple of scenes towards the end of the book were over the top and read more like a script for a summer block buster, which may well be the intention.  Lastly, the story centered on the terrorists did not pack the same punch as the plane crash and investigation parts of the book did.

In spite of these relatively minor issues and the fact my favorite character was killed, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  Haynes is apparently working on the sequel, which I will be sure to read.  I would recommend against reading this book if you are planning on flying anytime soon, there is a big difference between knowing intellectually what can go wrong with a plane and having it spelled out for you.

I received this book as an Advanced Reader’ Edition from Minotaur Books.